Coach Yulia

There is not one way, there is no perfect way, there is just your way. We are unique, need to fully self express, release, and feel good!

Placed 14th

in their group

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What does Yoga mean to you / how does Yoga enhance your life?

I have been so blessed to find Yoga 20 years ago when I walked into my teacher Raghavan’s class, and I knew it would be in my life. This year he is turning 89 years old. Yoga is about the present, listening to your body in the moment, and feeling good. It is a lifestyle and it’s for a lifetime, it’s not a discipline, it’s a practice.

What words or mantra do you live by?

100% Full Self Expression, and Feel Good in your own skin. Self care, and honoring where you are at, while nurturing and growing, to be of service and live your purpose.

What will you do with the $10,000?

I feel very grateful to be living a simple and happy life, while doing the work I love. I’m also a Doula, so I bring all the yoga breathing and movement into labor and birth. I have three kids, 12, 10, and 8, and a wonderful husband. I think I would pay off one of our credit cards so we could feel free to treat ourselves and have energy, to be an inspiration of how to self care.