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Katie O'Connell

As an almost 52-year old, I'd love to bring awareness to those of us "not so young" yogis (ha!) It would be an absolute thrill to be in YJ!

Currently 11th

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What does Yoga mean to you / how does Yoga enhance your life?

Yoga is a part of everything I do; it is a path I try to walk in every aspect of my life--from the way I speak to the way I walk on the planet to the way I interact with every other being. I believe yoga has enriched my friendships, the life I share with my husband and children, and the depth and intimacy of my relationship with myself. I can't imagine my life without the fullness of this integrated practice.

What words or mantra do you live by?

One of my favorite sayings comes from my meditation teacher: "Think with the heart; love with the mind." If I center in my heart before I speak or act, it's amazing how much calmer, how much sweeter every interaction is--how much easier it is to make decisions and navigate in the world.

What will you do with the $10,000?

The pandemic has been challenging for so many studios, and after being closed for over a year, I can imagine many ways to use the gift to help Dragonfly Yoga Barn recover a bit. I'd love to re-open with new props (we sold all our props at half price so students could have them at home during Covid). I'd also love to offer scholarships to upcoming YTTs, as well as sustain a fund for veterans to attend yoga and meditation classes at Dragonfly--these offerings feel really close to my heart.