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Pam Wilson

"I want to share how yoga helped me through the lowest emotional and physical time of my life, changing my life for the better."

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What does Yoga mean to you / how does Yoga enhance your life?

I turned to yoga and meditation when I was at the lowest period of my life. I had severe health issues with arthritis & fibromyalgia, the 9-11 attacks wiped out our business, I got divorced and filed for bankruptcy and went back to work to support my family after 15 yrs of being a stay-at-home mom. Yoga alleviated the stress I was under, and allowed me to get off of all the medications I was on. Yoga changed my life and gave me the gift of personal growth and discovery.

What words or mantra do you live by?

"Embrace What's Good". When my children would come crying to me about the adversities in life, "Embrace what's good" was my standard response. It was the mantra that got us all through some trying times.

What will you do with the $10,000?

I opened a yoga studio in February 2020, one month before the pandemic hit. I was forced to close the studio on March 15 and re-opened in June. I would use the $10,000 for two separate things. (1) $2,500 for three (3) separate one year scholarship passes for individuals who are experiencing or have experienced adversity and are unable to afford the benefits and support of my yoga community and (2) $7,500 for new heat panels for the unheated room in my studio to accommodate more yogis.